Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm back.

It's been a while since my last post and I'll tell you why-  In September I started really toying with the idea of running a half marathon, but then life crept up and got in my way. Some of the things I got distracted by were good and all of them fun, but some of them were simply that-- distractions. I found myself getting lazy and less committed to pursing fitness. I really wasn't yet used to working full time and having a life. I love having a job, but I couldn't (still can't) stand the idea of spending any day only working. I wanted to cram life into what was left of the day. I would come home from work and there were always so many other things to do and enjoy other than making myself go out and run. Soon enough I wasn't running at all.
I started to miss having a challenge. As content as I can be, as hedonistic as I can be, I still need a challenge. Without one I get a little melancholy and loose a bit of my groove. Indulgence, I love it, but I need an extra something running through it, behind the scenes, pushing me. For me, for now, that seems to be running. And so, I'm back and in search of my running groove and chasing a half marathon. Said half will be done, if I have any say so in the matter, in 2012. I'm contemplating the Disney Wine and Dine. It's starts at 10pm (gotta LOVE that) and there's wine. Did I mention wine? What better race for me to pop my half cherry than one that honors the two halves of myself?
So tonight I did about 4 miles. A combo of walking and running. This is me afterward. Gorgeous, I says! :-) Hello running, I'm back.


  1. I love the idea! I looked it up, and saw that the Wine and Dine Half Marathon is in November. When do you have to register for it?

  2. Ana, Not sure. Thus far all I know is that registration is not yet open. I'm signed up to receive an email when it is. That'll be the moment I make the final decision! :)
    Sarah, I was being cheesy, but thanks!

  3. Awesome! Love that you're finding your way back.

    I am so nervous and excited about my first half coming up in four weeks. Yikes! I can't believe I've been planning this for a year! My sister has done the wine & dine at Disney, and she assures me their races are FANTASTIC. I hope you go for it! (It's on my bucket list for 2013; maybe you can make it an annual thing?)

    Welcome back, gorgeous. :)