Friday, March 2, 2012

Leap without looking

When I decided we should register for this 5K, I obviously didn't think it through very well.

Following is my whining list of reasons this was a bad idea:

1st - It's in the morning and while I am a morning person, my mornings do not start before 7:30. In order to be awake enough, hydrated enough, prepared and at registration by 8:15 (that's actually a late start for most runners, but not me) I'll need to wake up by 6:30, latest.
2nd - Morning = sunlight and greater heat. While I love to lounge in sunlight, I only run at night. I'm probably going to have heatstroke.
3rd - It's at the beach, which means sand. I have never run in sand! My knee could explode!
4th - It will likely be windy. I freaking hate wind. Try to run in wind. You will hate it too.

Obviously I'm a slightly disturbed individual, because I mean each whining word above and yet I'm really looking forward to the race.

Following is my list of reasons that tomorrow will be a very good thing:

1st - I will run with people I love.
2nd - We will have donated to a good cause.
3rd - It will be warm and the sand will be a challenge, but it will be beautiful running ocean side.
4th - The sense of accomplishment I will feel crossing the finish line will make me feel like I'm going to burst with happy self satisfaction.
5th - I get to go swimming in the Atlantic, post race. How many people get to do that?
6th - Post race celebration with fellow runners and people I love.

Had I thought it through, I'd likely have been too freaked out by the cons to get around to all of the pros. There's something to be said for leaping without looking every now and then :-)

And if you can spare any extra, even a few dollars, your donation will go to providing clean drinking water. It's a worthy cause. CLICK HERE TO DONATE


  1. Michelle, I'll be thinking of you! It will be a big adventure and you will feel such a sense of accomplishment! Here's hoping for no wind and no heat stroke. We'll be cheering for you. Love to you!

  2. Thank you, Ana!! Big hugs and love to you and yours :-)

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